Authorized and notarized German & English legal translations

Fees and payment for 

German - English - Romanian translations

Introductive explanations

  • The translation fee depends on both the number of translated pages and number of copies.
  • The final fee for translations and collations is set based on the total number of characters with spaces of a translated document.
  • The standard page is calculated at 1800 characters with spaces/300 words per translated page.
  • The minimum fee is calculated for 1 translate page (not the number of source document pages) (starting with Ron 40).
  • For authorized translations (without notarization), transmitted by mail or personally, or even of those that need authorization but require a higher work load, a down-payment is MANDATORY in order to start the translation. The translation will not be started without this down-payment and the agreed deadline will be postponed until the payment proof is submitted/transmitted. This condition is not object to any negotiation.
  • Specialized texts, texts that have to be translated from a foreign language to another, collations, urgent services and interpretation have specific fees, mentioned below.

Standard fee:

Translations from/into German-English-Romanian:

- Ron 72 = EUR 15/translated page - in one copy

For each additional copy and/or additional page Ron 5/EUR 1 will be levied.

Other types of cooperation, varying from the standard one

Increased difficulty texts (technical, legal etc.)

An additional fee of up to 25 % can be added to the standard fees. No additional fee is charged for civil status, vehicle documents translations. auto.

Stabilirea preţului final per pagină se face în baza numărului de caractere cu spații pe documentul final tradus (calculat de PC).

Urgent translation fees:

  • For urgent translations (carried out during the same day/during week-ends) an additional fee of 50 % will be charged for the aforesaid fees (Ron 75/page).
  • Regular clients are exempted from the payment of this additional fee.

Translations from one foreign language into another with notarization (German - English, English - German):

There is a double standard fee since two translations must be done, namely:

  • translation from the source foreign language into Romanian, for the notary's use
  • the second translation from Romanian into the second foreign language.

Translations from one foreign language into the second one - without notarization (German-English, English-German)

-  RON 72/translated page - in one copy

For each additional copy and/or additional page an additional Ron 5/EUR 1 will be charged.

Collation (verifying) translations:

  • 50 % of the aforesaid fees. In order to do this, the source document must be provided electronically.

Thus, depending on each document, fees and payment methods can be customized for each client.

Other specific fees:

- Collation of photocopies in foreign languages (German and English) - Ron 20/page

(According to Romanian laws, foreign language photocopies cannot be notarized!).


- Ron 150/hr and fractions of this time. The fee for the first hour will be charged in full and starting with the second one, the fee is charged for every 30 minutes.

- for requests during week-ends, holidays, legal holidays during which no work is rendered, or for worked rendered between 22.00 - 06.00 o'clock: +100 %

The fee is charged as of the moment when the translator is available to the client.

Discounts and promotions

  • For translations done with (Across, Trados), repetions that appear in the text benefit from discounts, based on the automatic statistics of this applications.
  • Regular customers do not pay urgent translation fees.



Electronic invoices are issued for the amounts paid in cash or by bank transfer, after submitting (by email or fax) a document in proof of the payments made. It can be picked up personally or can be emailed to an address mentioned by you.

The electronic invoice can be printed by you and used by the accounting department for settlement, according to the valid legislation. Electronic invoices are not signed and stamped, according to the valid laws.

Proforma invoices can also be issued for down-payments, especially for corporate bodies, if they desire this.

Down-payments are mandatory if the document to be translated ar simple, documents that were not notarized.

Absolutely new!

Starting with January 2018 you have the possibility to make online payments with your credit card, based on a link that can be found on the pdf invoices (if a fee cashing receipt was not issued). If you want to pay by credit card you have to mention this before an invoice is issued. Feel free to use this modern and safe payment Mobilpay method an you will save time for other pleasant ativities! No bank fees will be charged by your bank for these payments.

Feel free to contact me for details about fees! If you wish a quote of your translation please fill out the form on the Firm orders page.

Payments can also be done in cash or by bank transfer into the following account:




Account holder: Toth Cristian Peter - Traducător

Tax no.: 20609165